This Master´s Degree focuses on the crossover between art and technology with great emphasis on the creation of autonomous agents, robotic devices and mechanisms that include robotics.

Both in our country and in the Latin American academic field, the Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero (UNTREF) has been a pioneer in the incorporation of the art/technology crossover into its curricula, and in the conception of artistic practices as the drive of research processes. Thus, technological languages have been throroughly addressed at UNTREF since 1999 with the creation of the Degree in Electronic Arts and the Master’s Degree in Technology and Aesthetics of Electronic Arts.
The challenging objective of this art and technology space is to foster visions geared towards the creation of technological languages strongly based on research. It aims to be a transdisciplinary space for reflection, art and knowledge production, experimentation and critical analysis of the use of these technologies, contemporary practices and the dialogues that such practices establish with the social and cultural environment.
Bioart, generativity, interactivity, public art, virtual platforms, robotics, sensory technologies and activism are some of the fields addressed by the Master’s Degree in Technology and Aesthetics of Electronic Arts.
The Master’s Degree includes the participation in and development of activities at the university’s various exhibition spaces such as:

MUNTREF (Museum of the Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero) http://untref.edu.ar/muntref/
UNTREF MEDIA http://untrefmedia.com/es/
Electronic Art and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Through shows, exhibitions, extension activities and international exchange agreements, the Master’s Degree in Technology and Aesthetics of Electronic Arts expands its networks and places itself within a broader social and cultural scene, both on a national and global level.
With students from all over Latin America, the Master’s Degree has become a reference in the field of Latin American Electronic Arts through the active role played by its graduates in the artistic arena.